Enphase ET17-240-BULK Engage AC Trunk Cable

Enphase ET17-240-BULK Engage AC Trunk Cable

Single-Phase (4-Wire) for M215, M250 and S280 Microinverter Systems, Continuous Length in Landscape (67"), Qty. 1

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Price: $20.99

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Enphase ET17-240-BULK Engage AC Trunk Cable, Single-Phase (4-Wire) for M215, M250 and S280 Microinverter Systems, Continuous Length in Landscape (67"), Qty. 1

The Engage™ Cable is a continuous length of 2.5 mm2 (12 AWG), outdoor rated cable with integrated connectors for Enphase Microinverters. These connectors are preinstalled along the Engage Cable at intervals to accommodate PV module widths. The microinverters plug directly into the cable connectors. The Cable is installed by simply rolling out the desired length of cable and cutting it to size. One end is wired directly into the junction box at the head of the branch circuit, eliminating the need for a separate AC interconnect cable. The other end is sealed from the environment using an Enphase Branch Terminator. The microinverter AC cable connectors are then plugged into the regularly-spaced connectors.

  • Price is per connector.
  • Connectors are spaced 67" on center (landscape module orientation).
  • Match the number of connectors with the number of M215 or M250 Microinverters to be installed.
  • Orders of 100 connectors or more will ship Flat Rate Freight ($149).


  • Fast
    - Quick installation
    - Large branch capacity
  • Flexible
    - Simple design
    - No additional cables
  • Safe
    - No high voltage DC
    - Reduced fire risk
  • Voltage Type/Conductor # - 240VAC, 4 conductors
  • Connector Count - price is for 1, max per cable is 240
  • Connector Spacing - 1.7 m (67")
  • PV Module Orientation - Landscape
  • Approximate Weight - .45 kg (1 lb) per connector, max per cable is over 90 kg (200 lbs)
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