PV System Design and Permits

Use the following resources to design a PV system and order drawings for your permits.

1. Learn PV Basics

Purchase the SEI Solar Electric Handbook ($60 eBook)
Solar Electric Handbook (eBook)


2. Determine System Size to Offset Annual Usage

PVWatts Calculator (Free Tool to Estimate PV System Production)
PVWatts Calculator


3. Layout PV Modules and Finalize Production Estimate

  • Pylon (Free Trial and Then $4 or $10 per Project)
  • HelioScope (Free Trial and Then $95 per Month)

4. Plan System Wiring Based on Inverter Type

SMA String Inverters

Fronius String Inverters

SolarEdge Inverters with Optimizers

Become SolarEdge Certified

Design SolarEdge System

Enphase Microinverters

Become Enphase Certified

Design Enphase System

5. Design Racking System

IronRidge Design Assistant (Roof and Ground Mount Racking)

SnapNrack (Roof and Ground Mount Racking)

Unirac U-Builder (Roof and Ground Mount Racking)

6. Order Permit Package Drawings for Utility & Building Department

  • Greenlancer ($100 - $360, Licensed Installers Preferred)
  • Planet Plan Sets ($249 up to 10kW AC, Licensed Installers Only)
    Planet Plan Sets