OutBack FP2 VFXR3648A-01 FLEXpower TWO

OutBack FP2 VFXR3648A-01 FLEXpower TWO

7200W, 60Hz, 48VDC, (2) VFXR3648A-01 Inverters w/ ABC, 240VAC Bypass, GFDI, MATE3, HUB10.3, RTS, Dual FLEXmax 80's, Surge Protector, FLEXnet DC, UL 1741-SA

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Price: $7,174.99

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OutBack FP2 VFXR3648A-01 FLEXpower TWO, 7200W, 60Hz, 48VDC, (2) VFXR3648A-01 Inverters w/ ABC, 240VAC Bypass, GFDI, MATE3, HUB10.3, RTS, Dual FLEXmax 80's, Surge Protector, FLEXnet DC, UL 1741 SA

OutBack’s pre-assembled and pre-wired FLEXpower systems are now equipped with the updated FXR A-01 Series Grid/Hybrid inverter/chargers and meet UL 1741-SA Certification per California's Rule 21.

With the newest Inverter/Chargers meeting UL 1741-SA advanced inverter testing as defined in California's Rule 21, OutBack's FP2 VFXR3648A-01 FLEXpower TWO system is further capable of off-grid or grid-connected operation in a single unit. This means the most advanced Grid/Hybrid inverter features are now available on the industry’s most trusted and proven systems platform, for unmatched flexibility and value. Some of the new features and technologies include:

  • 7 models available for 120VAC or 230VAC applications, ranging from 5000W to 7200W.
  • 50Hz/60Hz selectable for regional diversity.
  • Programmable for seven different modes including GridZero, blending utility power and stored renewable energy, minimizing grid dependence and also providing a Support Mode for seamless generator integration.
  • Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) with expanded charging voltages and time parameters accommodates charging profiles of new and emerging storage technologies including Lithium Ion, and Aqueous types.
  • Field-upgradability eliminates system down-time for critical updates.
  • Remote system control and monitoring available through any internet-enabled device with OPTICS RE.

With its compact design and easy-to-install mounting system the FLEXpower TWO can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical orientation to allow installation in more space-limited locations. The FLEXpower TWO FXR A-01-Series is ideal for full-sized solution for residential and commercial applications including homes, farms, small businesses and back-up power systems, with all necessary components integrated into a compact hang-on-the-wall system with a minimal footprint. Up to nine inverters can be combined in a 3-phase system with the 12V, 24V or 48V models, and up to 3600W in a grid-tied 24V or 48V system. The exclusive modular system architecture means that increased power output is just an additional FXR A-01 inverter/charger away.

The FXR A-01-Series of inverter/chargers are available in sealed or vented units with NEMA type 1 die-cast aluminum chassis designed to operate in the harshest environmental conditions such as high temperatures, humidity or corrosive salt air. These inverter/chargers continue in OutBack’s tradition of absolute dependability in mission critical installations no matter how harsh or challenging the conditions.

Additional Features

  • Single-phase 120V, Sinewave Output in 48V
  • 3600W Vented Model
  • Programmable for Seven Different Modes with Generator Assist
  • Modular, Stackable Design for up to Nine Inverters in Three-phase and 10 Inverters in Grid-tied
  • Up to 93% Operating Efficiency
  • Field Upgradable Software
  • Now Comes Standard with a 5-Year Warranty and Optional 10-Year


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