LG Chem RESU10H-R HV Battery

LG Chem RESU10H-R HV Battery

Primary Battery, 9.8kWh Storage Capacity, 400VDC, 63Ah, Compatible with SolarEdge StorEdge Inverters, NEMA 3R, aka RESU10H-SEG

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LG Chem RESU10H-R HV Battery, Primary Battery, 9.8kWh Storage Capacity, 400VDC, 63Ah, Compatible with SolarEdge StorEdge Inverters, NEMA 3R, aka RESU10H-SEG

The LG Chem RESU10H-R (aka RESU10H-SEG) is a lithium-ion battery system used for solar systems requiring energy storage with daily cycling. It has the ability to cycle daily for up to 10 years as needed for self-consumption, peak load shaving, backup power and other similar systems. The RESU10H-R (aka RESU10H-SEG) is a primary battery and designed to be paired with SolarEdge StorEdge inverters. This particular version is NOT compatible with SMA Sunny Boy Storage inverters. Can be paired with up to (1) RESU10H-SEG2 Secondary Battery. Lifting handles (sold separately) are highly recommended for installing these batteries. Two handles are needed to lift and install them on a wall, and can be used again on future installs.


  • 9.8 kWh of storage capacity with 9.3 kWh of usable storage capacity
  • 5 kW maximum power input and output, maximum continuous output of 3.3 kW
  • 7kW peak output for 10 seconds
  • Includes a BMS (Battery Management System) with over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection to ensure complete safety.
  • DC disconnect circuit breaker, and ON/OFF switch
  • Outdoor rated to NEMA 3R (IP55).
  • The maximum operating temperature range is 14°F (-10°C) to 113°F (45°C), with a recommended operating temperature range is 59°F (15°C) to 86°F (30°C) for maximum life.
  • Listed to UL1642, UL1973, UL1741, UL1998, NEC 110.26, UN3480, IEC 62133.
  • Ships as Hazardous materials Class 9, UN38.3 (UNDOT).
  • Warranty is 10 years to 60% of original capacity.

NOTE: Maximum installation altitude is 6,562 ft (2000 m).

LG Chem RESUH Battery Installation

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