Receiving Instructions

RES Supply, LLC and our distribution partners do our best to ensure accurate and damage-free shipments, but sometimes mistakes happen. A positive outcome to any potential shortage or damage claim requires that you follow these steps at delivery:

Freight Shipments

1. Take wide angle photos of your shipment before and after it is unloaded from the truck.

2. Inspect for Damage and/or Shortage

NOTE: DO NOT SIGN THE DELIVERY RECEIPT UNTIL THE INSPECTION IS COMPLETE. If the driver will not wait, you must note "Driver unable to wait for delivery inspection" on the receipt before proceeding.

Have a friend or family member available to help you unpack and inspect for:

  • Dents and punctures in the outer packaging
  • Damaged or unbalanced pallet, shifted module stack or missing or loose banding
  • Missing "Do Not Stack" cone or other pallets of material stacked on top of the pallet
  • Missing or broken corner protectors between the panels
  • Broken or shattered glass


  • Missing or torn cardboard protectors, banding and shrink-wrap
  • Bundle broken apart and taped loosely back together
  • Damaged, bent, scratched or punctured material

Other Palletized Equipment

  • Missing "Do Not Stack" cone, protective tape or shrink-wrap
  • Items not secured to the pallet
  • Damaged pallet, crushed, dented, open or punctured boxes
  • Damaged box contents

3. Take Photos of Damage

  • Panels - Take photos of each damaged panel and their serial numbers
  • Rails - Take photos of each damaged rail and entire lot of rails together
  • Other Palletized Equipment - Take photos of each damaged product and their serial numbers

4. Document Damage and/or Shortage and Sign the Delivery Receipt

Only after you have completely inspected and photographed all damages and/or shortages and noted them on the delivery receipt should you sign it. Ask the driver for your copy. Without this document, we cannot hold others accountable for damaged and/or missing items and your claim will be denied.

NOTE: Customers not personally signing for their delivery must ensure that the person who is signing on their behalf has read and understands our Receiving Instructions and the Terms and Conditions of RES Supply, LLC.

5. Notify Us of Damage and/or Shortage

Within 24 hours of order receipt, contact Customer Care with order shortages or complete our Shipping Damage Claim Form otherwise, your claim will be denied.

Parcel Shipments

1. Take photos of your shipment on arrival

2. Inspect for Damage and/or Shortage

  • Visible damage such as dents and punctures in the packaging or box contents
  • Damaged box contents
  • Missing box contents or incorrect item and quantities

3. Document Damage and/or Shortage with Photos

  • Damaged product and packing or incorrect parts and any identifying part # or serial number (inverters)

4. Notify Us of Damage and/or Shortage

See step 5 above.

Shipments to Freight Forwarders

We will provide delivery to this alternate address only and you accept responsibility for lost or stolen packages after the order arrives. Please ensure the person who is signing on your behalf has read and understands our Receiving Instructions and Terms and Conditions. Any shipping damage or order shortages must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Unless there is a clear manufacturer's defect, any claim for damage after the delivery date will be assumed to have occurred while in the possession of you or your freight forwarder and will be denied. Any defect replacements or order shortage will be shipped back to the freight forwarding address only and you are responsible for any shipments beyond this point.

Refused Shipments

Round trip shipping costs will be deducted from your refund and a 20% restock fee will apply. If your order contains a drop-ship or special order item, you will be responsible for 100% payment, a 20% restocking fee and round trip shipping costs.

Redelivery Fees

If the freight carrier scheduled an appointment, attempts delivery and you are not available, redelivery fees may apply. If this occurs, we reserve the right to bill you for these fees.

Shipping Delivery Signature

A signature is required for each delivery. Should you wish to waive the delivery signature requirement, you will do so at your own risk and responsibility. If the shipping service shows they have delivered the package(s), we will not take responsibility for the missing package(s) nor grant a refund or free replacement and you will need to file a claim directly with the shipping company.

Claim Resolution

If our Receiving Instructions are followed, missing items, broken parts or complete replacements will ship as quickly as possible at no additional cost to you. If our Receiving Instructions are not followed, you will be responsible for submitting the claim with the carrier and we will offer replacements at our cost plus shipping.