Hollaender 5EXT-8 (SnapNrack 172-05818) Extended Barrel Tee

Hollaender 5EXT-8 (SnapNrack 172-05818) Extended Barrel Tee

1-1/2", Aluminum-Magnesium Qty. 1

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Hollaender 5EXT-8 (SnapNrack 172-05818) Extended Barrel Tee, 1-1/2", Aluminum-Magnesium Qty. 1

Hollaender® Manufacturing is the largest U.S. manufacturer of structural slip-on fittings and the market leader in providing these fittings for solar pipe racks. The 5EXT-8 (SnapNrack 172-05818) Extended Barrel Tee works with the SnapNrack Series 200 Ground Mount System and is typically used to attach horizontal pipes to support posts. It will fit any schedule 40 or 80 1-1/2" IPS. This aluminum-magnesium alloy fitting is as strong as steel, but 1/3 the weight, and can be used with galvanized steel with no concern for galvanic or dissimilar metal corrosion. The system uses set screws that penetrate the surface of the pipe to ensure that fittings are electrically bonded to pipe and bracing, eliminating the need for added bonding components such as jumpers.


  • Proprietary set screw – design includes internal/external knurled cup point that allows penetration into the pipe surface and prevents loosening as long as torqued to specification.
  • Made in the USA – 100% US content.
  • Simple installation – no through bolts, only a hex head set screw that can be tightened with a pneumatic tool or hex key.
  • Most corrosion resistant aluminum alloy available - Can be used with steel without any concern for galvanic corrosion.
  • Approved as UL2703 Recognized Components
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