OutBack FLEXware ICSPLUS-2 Rapid Shutdown and AFCI System

OutBack FLEXware ICSPLUS-2 Rapid Shutdown and AFCI System

For Up To 12 Strings, Includes (2) FWPV6-FH600-SDA 6-String Combiner Boxes, (1) RSI, (1) BKR-CTRL-DC, (1) PNL-75D-DC-RT, UL 1741-SA

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OutBack FLEXware ICSPLUS-2 Rapid Shutdown and AFCI System, For Up To 12 Strings, Includes (2) FWPV6-FH600-SDA 6-String Combiner Boxes, (1) RSI, (1) BKR-CTRL-DC, (1) PNL-75D-DC-RT, UL 1741-SA

The OutBack FLEXware ICSPLUS-2 provides a fully-compliant and comprehensive PV rapid shutdown and arc fault protection combiner solution by meeting the following 2014 National Electric Code requirements for PV systems:

  • NEC 690.11 — Arc fault protection (protects against arc faults due to loose connections, damaged wires or other DC component failures)
  • NEC 690.12 — Rapid shutdown (allows first responders to safely de-energize controlled conductors)
  • NEC 690.15 — DC combiner disconnect (opens all ungrounded circuit conductors from all energy sources)

The FLEXware ICSPLUS-2 System is rated to 600VDC for integration in a wide range of systems and designed for ease of service and clean wire management. This packaged system is designed to be an easy-to-order, complete solution for battery based systems and includes two combiner boxes, while individual components can be ordered for alternative system needs, including use with grid-direct PV inverters. When used with OutBack power conversion and energy storage components, the system will represent the only single-brand UL and NEC-compliant solution from rooftop to battery. The primary component in the ICS Plus system is the DC combiner box. The ICSPLUS-2 combines up to twelve PV strings within (2) FWPV6-FH600-SDA combiners which are rated for 15A or 20A fuses (not included) and a combined capacity of 96A and 600VDC. It includes (6) 600 VDC DIN-mounted fuse holders and provides an overcurrent protective device (OCPD) for each circuit. The AFCI device is located here. The combiner provides a means of disconnecting locally, while also providing a means for PV rapid shutdown functionality to de-energize PV circuits within 10 feet of the PV array.


  • First end-to-end solution listed to UL1741 with PV rapid shutdown systems (PVRSS)
  • Arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) listed to UL1699B with local and remote indication
  • Type 3R enclosure rated for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Flexible design — install the combiner box vertically, horizontally, or at any intermediate angle; mount to racking or under the PV array
  • Interoperability with compatible third-party PV rapid shutdown system equipment (PVRSE) with a dry contact input
  • Combiner box has removable component panel for ease of wire management and for serviceability
  • Combiner box has easy-to-install DIN-mount fuses for bi-directional overcurrent protection
  • Lockable disconnects on combiner and rapid shutdown box
  • Communications use building wire commonly available in the field (THHN/THWN-2)
  • Ground lug and grounding terminal bus bar for system and equipment grounding
  • Internal factory prewiring to save time during installation


  • (2) FWPV6-FH600-SDA Combiners
  • RSI (Rapid Shutdown Initiator) which works with the combiner box to induce the rapid shutdown function
  • PNL-75D-DC-RT - Realy-Trip Breaker (RTB) which physically opens the circuits near the charge controller(s)
  • BKR-CTRL-DC - Breaker control and power supply which powers the RSI, RTB and combiner(s)

NOTE: Charge controllers are sold separately.

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