Trojan Battery 31-AGM Sealed AGM Battery

Trojan Battery 31-AGM Sealed AGM Battery

12V, 100Ah @ 20 Hours, Group 31, DT Terminal

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Trojan Battery 31-AGM Sealed AGM Battery, 12V, 100Ah @ 20 Hours, Group 31, DT Terminal

Maintenance free with versatility

With over 80 years of experience, Trojan Battery -- the world's most trusted name in deep cycle technology -- offers dual-purpose AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries in addition to their industry-leading flooded/wet and Deep-Cycle Gel™ batteries.

Trojan's AGM batteries are maintenance free and require no watering. Additional benefits include:

  • Versatility - delivers power for starting and light-duty cycling (dual-purpose) applications
  • Industry leading reserve capacity for your house bank and extended power needs
  • High-rate discharge and recharge capability
  • Non-Spillable (UN 2800): Approved for easy air, sea or ground transportation

Trojan's AGM batteries are ideal for applications that require high discharge rates, light-duty cycling or backup power:

  • Aerial work platform/access
  • Renewable energy (solar/small wind/small hydro)
  • Marine
  • Recreational vehicle (RV)

BCI Group Size: 31

Type: 31-AGM

Weight lbs (kg): 69 (31)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.44" x 6.81" x 9.18" / 341 x 173 x 233 mm

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