Heliodyne HPAS2-406GF65Z1 Solar Hot Water System Kit

Heliodyne HPAS2-406GF65Z1 Solar Hot Water System Kit

1-2 People, 2 GOBI 406, Air Vent Kit, Racking w/ Quick Mount Flashing, 65 Gal Nat. Gas B/U Tank, Exp Tank, HPAS, Delta-T Pro Lite, Sensor Wire, Dyn-O-Flo

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Heliodyne HPAS2-406GF65Z1 Solar Hot Water System Kit, 1-2 People, 2 GOBI 406, Air Vent Kit, Racking w/ Quick Mount Flashing, 65 Gal Nat. Gas B/U Tank, Exp Tank, HPAS, Delta-T Pro Lite, Sensor Wire, Dyn-O-Flo


Indirect solar water heating is the most common solution for most installations in North America. This system utilizes a closed loop design which protects it from freezing and hard water issues. A special heat transfer fluid circulates through the collectors instead of water, allowing greater durability and trouble-free operation. Because the Helio-Pak has an external heat exchanger, a single tank SHW system is easy to configure and is more cost- and space-efficient when compared to a traditional dual tank or coil-in-tank closed loop system.


When solar fluid in the collectors (1) is heated by the sun, it is pumped through the Helio-Pak (2), which then transfers that heat to water in your storage tank (3). The solar fluid then circulates back up to the collector where it again gets heated by the sun. This process continues automatically whenever the collector is exposed to sunlight. When there is little or no sun, a backup heating source self-activates to provide ample hot water for your home.


  • Plug & Play installation
  • Can be used unconditionally in all areas
  • Closed loop design protects from freezing and hard water
  • Ideal for installations with limited equipment space
  • Helio-Pak allows for compatibility with nearly all tank manufacturers
  • Cost competitive with other closed loop systems
  • Flush mount installation for 3:12-20:12 pitched roofs



Heliodyne's GOBI solar collectors are proven to be among the industry's highest-performing. They also prove to be the most durable. This combination guarantees you many years of optimal performance. The quality and design put into every component ensures a sturdy collector that maximizes energy conversion from the sun. As a result, these collectors work exceptionally well, even in geographic regions with limited sunshine. Besides outstanding functionality, GOBI collectors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, combining a sleek profile with a dark bronze frame.


  • Low-profile tapered design for a subtle rooftop presence
  • Optimal heat absorption and overall efficiency
  • Certified to withstand 50lbs per square foot
  • Anodized aluminum frame improves durability & rigidity
  • No-solder connections with factory installed DYN-O-SEAL unions
  • Rated by SRCC and IAPMO as one of the industry's best-performing collectors


The Helio-Pass (HPAS) heat-transfer appliance is designed for use with coil-in-tank water heating systems. It serves as a closed loop system by circulating solar fluid from the collectors through a tank-integrated coil. Heat from the solar fluid inside the coil is transferred to the domestic water supply.


  • Sleek modern design
  • Comes standard with Pro Lite controller
  • "Plug & Play" installation
  • Compact assembly
  • Works with all major coil-in-tank heat exchange brands



Pro Lite controllers come standard with the ability to communicate via a web monitoring system which allows the installer or end user access to the solar hot water system controller from anywhere with an internet connection. By simply logging onto a dedicated website for the controller, the user can view and make system adjustments miles away from the actual solar hot water system. Pro Lite controllers carry all the basic functions of the Delta-T, but add energy performance monitoring capabilities. The Pro Lite controller comes pre-installed with software allowing the controller to record and monitor energy data for the life of the system.


System Requirements

  • DSL, cable or other broadband internet connection
  • Open, WPA or WPA2 network authentication/encryption Wi-Fi router (WEP not supported)
  • Internet browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Flow sensor installed for energy monitoring


  • 2 program configurations available (open loop DHW, closed loop DHW)
  • 2 thermistor sensor and 2 pump relays
  • Remote web-based system monitoring and settings
  • Automated service reminders
  • Stored energy data (BTU, °F, GPM)


When there is insufficient solar energy to be collected, a backup gas burner is activated to provide auxiliary heating.


  • Designed for all installations
  • Glass lined tank - Protects tank from the corrosive effects of hot water
  • Electronic ignition - Eliminates constant burning pilot
  • Automatically controlled via the Heliodyne Delta-T
  • Brass drain valve
  • Factory-installed T&P relief valve
Gas Tank


Suitable for All Regions

  • Solar water heating systems can operate in any region, including areas with heavy snow or rain.


  • Compared will all other alternative energy options, solar hot water is the most economical choice for your home's renewable energy needs.

Simple, Easy Installation and Long-Term Benefits

  • A Heliodyne system can be installed within 1 to 2 days for most homes.
  • Very little service or maintenance is required over the life of the system.
  • Once installed, the system is fully automated.

Federal & Local Incentives are Available

  • These will significantly reduce the cost of a new system. Find which incentives apply in your area at www.dsireusa.org

Added Value for Your Home

  • Adding a solar water heater to your home increases its resale value by at least the cost of the entire system.


  • Heliodyne systems can easily operate 20-25 years or more without needing any significant maintenance.
  • GOBI solar collectors are designed and built to withstand the harshest environments, even hail storms.

High Return on Your Investment

  • With government and utility incentive programs, a Heliodyne cool climate system will usually pay for itself within 4 - 8 years.
  • A Heliodyne solar hot water system will significantly reduce your water-heating bills by hundreds of dollars annually.
  • A solar hot water system will provide you with a hedge against rising energy costs.

Preserves Our Environment

  • Installing a solar hot water system in your home is a proactive step for combating global warming.
  • A Heliodyne solar hot water system greatly reduces your home's CO2 emissions by up to 30%. This helps to preserve our environment for many generations to come.

Each Cool Climate (Closed Loop) Kit Includes (For 1-2 People)

  • (2) 4'x6' GOBI Blue Sputter Flat Plate Collector
  • (2) Dyn-O-Seal Unions
  • (1) Air Vent Kit
  • Roof Racking and Hardware with Quick Mount flashing
  • (1) 65 Gallon Natural Gas Back Up Tank
  • (1) Expansion Tank
  • (1) Helio-Pass (HPAS) Heat Transfer Appliance
  • (1) Built-in Delta-T Pro Lite Controller for System Monitoring
  • (1) Coil Sensor Wire
  • (1) Dyn-O-Flo Heat Transfer Fluid
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