UniRac 403215C U-LA 2

UniRac 403215C U-LA 2" Slider

2", Aluminum, Qty. 1

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UniRac 403215C U-LA 2" Slider, 2", Aluminum, Qty. 1

Slider - Attaches lower end of north-south cross braces to rear legs. Anchors both ends of east-west braces (if needed).


  • 3/8-inch hardware: 1 cross-brace bolt sized for pipe
  • 1 flange nut
  • 2 set screws

UniRac designed U-LA's to support a wider range of site and climactic challenges than any other PV structure on the market. U-LA aluminum or steel components merge with SolarMount rails and installer-supplied steel pipe to form durable, rigid truss structures. U-LA aluminum or steel components are used to combine installer-supplied Schedule 40 or 80 steel pipe (available anywhere) to create a durable structure that can accommodate uneven, rocky, sloping terrain or heavy coastal winds.

Key Benefits of a Unirac Large Array


  • Custom-designed arrays for ground or flat roof applications
  • Design software to ensure minimum attachments without overstressing any roof member
  • Optimal tilt angle and array clearance over other rooftop equipment
  • Accommodates uneven, rocky, sloping terrain or heavy costal winds


  • Better alternative than designing from scratch
  • Lightweight components ship economically and combine easily with installer-supplied Schedule 40 or 80 steel pipe, available everywhere

Ease of Installation

  • Uses SolarMount standard and HD (heavy duty) rails
  • Ready with design documentation and testing reports


  • Capable of withstanding Zone 4 seismic events or extreme wind or snow loads
  • Diagonally braced
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