IronRidge Quick Mount PV QM-JBX-RF01-B1 JayBox Junction Box

IronRidge Quick Mount PV QM-JBX-RF01-B1 JayBox Junction Box

For Composition Roofs, 8" X 9" NORYL Resin Box, 9" X 12" Aluminum Flashing, With Mounting Hardware, NEMA 3R, Black, Qty. 1

Item # 1930-004

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IronRidge Quick Mount PV QM-JBX-RF01-B1 JayBox Junction Box, For Composition Roofs, 8" X 9" NORYL Resin Box, 9" X 12" Aluminum Flashing, With Mounting Hardware, NEMA 3R, Black, Qty. 1

Keep Solar Wires Nested & Protected

The IronRidge Quick Mount PV QM-JBX-RF01-B1 JayBox™ Junction Box replaces the previous version QBox. It is an ever-adaptable junction box, designed to securely enclose wires on nearly any solar project—with ample space to shelter up to 4 module strings. The box is UL-listed, NEMA 3R rated and supports up to 1500-volt systems. It is made of a NORYL™ resin, known for its long-lasting UV-resistance and impact strength. JayBox™ is available in two options: Roof Mount and Rail Mount. When installed on the roof deck, its low profile allows it to safely fit under the module array.

The JayBox offers multiple configuration options with threaded standoffs allowing you the freedom to mount electrical components like DIN rails, grounding bars, and terminal blocks in any orientation.

JayBox™ is fabricated from SABIC’s NORYL™ resin, giving it greater strength and resistance to UV radiation. It is well known for its lasting stability and performance in extreme environments, so IronRidge can offer a 10-year product warranty.

NOTE: Cord grips and conduit fittings, DIN rails, terminal blocks and grounding bars are not included.


  • Trustworthy Flashing & Waterproofing
    The JayBox™ Roof Mount utilizes QuickMount’s Elevated Water Seal Technology®, coming with a raised flashing that integrates with an EPDM sealing gasket on the underside of the box to fully protect roof penetrations. This waterproof assembly has passed the TAS-100 wind-driven rain test. The flashing only installs in one direction, with an “upslope” marking to ensure proper placement. All you need to do is simply align the box with the flashing and secure it to the roof with the supplied deck screws. There is no need to cut shingles or remove nails.

  • Hassle-Free Lid & Captive Hardware
    JayBox™ has a detachable, hinged lid to reduce interference and deliver maximum ease—staying open and out of the way even on up to 70° roof slopes. Once the lid is closed, the single, pre-installed, captive screw and nut keeps it snug and secure. Because this hardware is embedded into the lid, there is no need to worry about it getting lost on the roof.

  • Drilling Guides & Draining Weep Holes
    The enclosure includes easy-to-drill guide marks on three sides of the box. In addition, it has guides on the interior when drilling through the bottom for attic conduit runs. Weep holes also prevent any condensation from accumulating inside the box.

JayBox Introduction

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