Winaico WSP-310M6-PT Solar Panel Pallet

Winaico WSP-310M6-PT Solar Panel Pallet

24ea Min Purchase, 310W, 32.9Vmp, 9.42A, 60 Cell Mono PERC, MC4, 40mm Black Frame, White Backsheet, 25A Fuse, 1000VDC, 283.4W PTC

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Price: $329.00
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Winaico Pallet Savings

Save even more on RES Supply’s every day low Winaico prices by purchasing a pallet. Or purchase multiple pallets to take advantage of our low $149 flat rate shipping. If you need assistance selecting additional parts for your system, add our design service – free with a full system purchase. We can even help with the permit process when you order one of our permit packages. Our great service combined with the low price on the WSP-310M6-PT is a value that can’t be beat.


Winaico is a specialist in highest efficiency PERC solar cells. PERC is the latest solar cell technology that uses an additional passivation layer on the backside to improve efficiency by reducing electron recombination losses, this results in the greatest energy yield for each solar module. The energy output of a Winaico PERC module is higher than a standard module across a whole day! Plus, the PERC cell captures more sun light with the aluminum layer on the back + PERC cell absorbs a broader light spectrum. Winaico uses a reinforced WSP frame with external L-key to improve reliability of solar modules. The WSP-310M6-PT modules can withstand up to 10000 Pa in a Mechanical Loading test, and have a 12-year product warranty.

The Winaico PERC modules set a new technological standard and are without competition. Using innovative backside passivation and selective emitter technology, the PERC module series combines highest efficiencies, increased performance at high temperatures and low light conditions along with the known longevity and quality of Winaico. The module WSP-310M6-PT PERC has an astounding module efficiency of more than 18%. This combination of high efficiency, optimized weak-light behavior and an improved weight of only 19.6 kg make this module the ideal product for roofs with a limited space.



  • Winaico only uses highly transmissive facing glass for its modules. High transmission increases the efficiency of photovoltaic modules and therefore has a direct influence on the performance and the yield of the finished module. A low iron content in the glass composition and an anti-reflective coating additionally act to reduce the absorption of the applied radiation energy. In addition to high transmission rates, the glass used is also well resistant to mechanical loads and temperature changes.


  • The unique frame on the WSP-310M6-PT modules comprises a 6-series extruded aluminum frame. This frame variant, produced fully from aluminum, guarantees the maximum in stability and protection against material fatigue. The rounded corner elements provide for greater torsional stiffness and waterproofing in the critical corner areas, where the material is at its weakest. In contrast to corner joints with mitered cuts or threaded connections, Winaico's corner elements guarantee the optimum transfer of tension between the individual frame sections.

EVA Film

  • EVA film must guarantee an insulating and protective effect throughout the entire service life of the module. Lower quality films may lead in the long term to discoloration, delamination or degradation, and thereby to a severe inhibition of the module’s performance. Winaico uses only quality films exclusively with a cross-linking of at least 85%, thereby ensuring permanent protection of the cells.


  • Winaico only uses highly efficient cells with the lowest possible variance in the manufacturing process, and thereby optimizes the reproducibility of the cell arrangement. This is a decisive factor for the even cell quality of the WSP range and for stable yields. High shunt resistance and filling factors in the cells used result in good energy yields, in particular with low irradiation levels. They are also careful in its choice of cells for this reason.

Backing Film

  • When selecting the backing film, Winaico only uses Tedlar® films. These films are renowned primarily for their excellent weather resistance. As such, the films exhibit a high diffusion resistance – water vapor is unable to penetrate to the cells – and improved thermal conductivity. Today, Tedlar® is the only film that has proven itself capable of providing reliable protection to photovoltaic modules throughout their entire service life, spanning over 25 years.

Connection Socket

  • The connection socket used for the Winaico WSP range is compliant with the relevant protection class IP65 and therefore provides optimum protection against moisture, dirt and UV radiation. The socket - equipped with three bypass diodes - can also be opened in the event of damage, therefore preventing the requirement for module replacement.
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