Solaria PowerXT-325R-PX Solar Panel

Solaria PowerXT-325R-PX Solar Panel

325W, H4, 12 AWG PV Wire, 40mm Black Frame, Black Backsheet, Monocrystalline Cell, 15A Fuse, 1000VDC, 297.5W PTC

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Solaria PowerXT-325R-PX Solar Panel, 325W, H4, 12 AWG PV Wire, 40mm Black Frame, Black Backsheet, Monocrystalline Cell, 15A Fuse, 1000VDC, 297.5W PTC

The PowerXT-325R-PX is a high performance, high density panel that produces up to 20% more power than conventional modules. This makes the Solaria PowerXT solar panels one of the highest power modules in the residential solar market. This is achieved with Solaria’s patented cell cutting and module assembly which form "high-density" sub-strings, larger than conventional solar cells, this packs them more efficiently and reduces inactive space between cells. Electrically, the PowerXT module is designed to reduce power losses due to shadowing across the module by utilizing parallel connections between sets of sub-strings within each quadrant of the module. By utilizing a ribbon-less interconnection process, cells are cut and overlaid without soldering creating a highly reliable power unit assembly. Solaria PowerXT modules have fewer gaps between the solar cells which leads to higher power and superior aesthetics. Solaria PowerXT-325R-PX residential modules are manufactured with black backsheet and frames, giving them a visually stunning appearance.

The Solaria Corporation was established in 2000 and since then, has created one of the industry’s most respected IP portfolios, with over 100 patents encompassing materials, processes, applications, products, manufacturing automation and equipment. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Solaria has developed a technology platform that unlocks the potential of solar energy allowing it to be ubiquitous and universally accessed.


  • Higher Efficiency, Higher Power - Solaria PowerXT modules achieve over 20% efficiency; conventional modules achieve 15% – 17% efficiency. Solaria PowerXT modules are one of the highest power modules available.
  • Lower System Costs - Solaria PowerXT modules produce more power per square meter area. This reduces installation costs due to fewer balance of system components.
  • Improved Shading Tolerance - Sub-strings are interconnected in parallel, within each of the four module quadrants, which dramatically lowers the shading losses and boosts energy yield.
  • Improved Aesthetics - Compared to conventional modules, Solaria PowerXT modules have a more uniform appearance and superior aesthetics.
  • Durability and Reliability - Solder-less cell interconnections are highly reliable and designed to far exceed the industry leading 25 year warranty.
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