REC N-Peak REC320NP Solar Panel

REC N-Peak REC320NP Solar Panel

320W, MC4 Compatible, 30mm Black Frame, White Backsheet, 120 Cell Mono, 25A Fuse, 1000VDC, 299.2W PTC

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REC N-Peak REC320NP Solar Panel, 320W, MC4 Compatible, 30mm Black Frame, White Backsheet, 120 Cell Mono, 25A Fuse, 1000VDC, 299.2W PTC

The REC N-Peak REC320NP is a new solar module that builds on REC’s multiple award-winning technologies and features innovative, high efficiency cell technology for the highest power output. The 60 cell REC N-Peak Series is available in watt classes of up to 330 W. The first major characteristic of the REC N-Peak that sets it apart from other REC products is the cell type. For the first time, REC has moved into N-type monocrystalline cell production. REC modules have to date been based on P-type multi wafer technology. However, now the consumer and market demands ever higher power and efficiency modules, so moving to a mono wafer platform has allowed REC to address this demand. The "P" in P-type stands for "Positive", where the cell bulk is doped with boron, which has one less electron than silicon. This creates a positive electron imbalance and stimulates the flow of electricity. N-type on the other hand, bulk dopes the cell with phosphorus, which has one more electron than silicon, creating a negative charge and stimulating the flow of electricity. As mono cells are generally more efficient than their multi counterparts, N-type technology has so far been used exclusively on mono to make best use of its high efficiency properties and reach ever higher watt classes. Maybe even more important however, such a construction avoids the coming together of boron and oxygen in the bulk. This combination is the main cause of light induced degradation (LID) in the cell, and the non-occurrence of this in N-type cells means they are free from any permanent loss of power upon first exposure to sunlight. The N-Peak is based on standard sized mono wafers that have been cut into two equally sized pieces through a half-cut technology, to give 120 separate cells in total. These 120 cells are then split into two halves of 60 cells, each with three 20 cell strings and the two halves then connected in parallel. This layout is then supplemented by a collection of other features:

  • Five bus bars
  • PERT (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell Totally Diffused)
  • A split junction box - allowing the panels to better perform in shaded conditions
  • New generation of frame design which offers a thinner frame height, but with with support bars on the rear to ensure durability, stability and increased load bearing capability.

Based on high efficiency monocrystalline cell technology, the REC N-Peak REC320NP boosts panel efficiency through N-type and PERT technologies:

  • The internal construction of a cell reduces Light Induced Degradation (LID) to zero, meaning no power loss right after installation
  • PERT technology completely passivates the rear of the cell for increased electron capture and high and stabilized efficiency
  • Class-leading temperature performance keeps panels cooler for increased efficiency and higher yields
  • All round higher yields at higher wavelengths, with strong performance from dawn through to dusk


  • More power for more electricity generation - Providing customers with up to 330 Wp in a 60-cell panel, the new REC N-Peak panel uses the most efficient cell technology in the industry, capturing more sunlight thereby providing more power. The REC N-Peak Series is ideal for residential and smaller commercial and industrial rooftops where as much power as possible needs to be packed in to a limited space and where higher power levels need to be achieved with fewer modules.
  • Higher yields through improved performance in shaded conditions - The unique REC ‘Twin’ cell layout design, where the panel is split into two identical and mirrored sections, also enables the continued production of energy, even when part of the module or array is shaded, further contributing to its high energy yields compared to standard panels.
  • Zero LID - The loss of power generation capacity seen in a standard solar panel on its first exposure to light is known as Light Induced Degradation (LID). This is a result of the combination of boron and oxygen inside a cell and causes a permanent drop in a standard panel’s maximum power. Not with the REC N-Peak Series, however! Through the use of n-type technology, REC’s N-Peak cells stop boron and oxygen from mixing at any level and therefore any occurrence of LID can be fully prevented. This ensures the power of the panel remains the same as when it left the REC factory, meaning customers always get exactly the power levels that they paid for.
  • Super-strong frame design: Introducing a new frame design with extra support bars across the rear of the panel, the REC N-Peak reduces the bending and deformation of the panel under load while allowing loads of up to 7000 Pa, far exceeding the 5400 Pa offered by conventional panels. Such an increase in panel strength and durability enables customers to achieve much higher energy yields over the total lifetime of the installation. The new 30 mm frame height allows the optimization of packaging and transportation to reduce the amount of transport and trucks on the road, keeping the product’s and users’ carbon footprint low. Together, this new frame design enables flexible installation options, making overcoming every obstacle easier during system design.
  • Leading warranty: All of the advantages of the REC N-Peak combine to guarantee customers high power output over its warranted lifetime:
    • 12-year product warranty
    • 25-year linear power output warranty
    • Maximum degradation of 0.5% per year
    • 86% of power rating warranted after 25 years
    • Proven reliability of an established European brand

REC N-Peak Technology

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