Hanwha Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+/AC 340 Solar Panel

Hanwha Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+/AC 340 Solar Panel

With Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter, 295W Peak Output, MC4, 40mm Black Frame, Black Backsheet, 120 Half Cell Q.ANTUM Mono, 318W PTC

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Two Advanced Technologies, One Superior Product

The Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+/AC 340 Solar Panel combines the intelligence of the Enphase IQ7+™ microinverter with their innovative Q.ANTUM DUO monocrystalline half-cell technology making high-performing, smart-grid ready module – perfect for every roof. The panel is pre-assembled with the microinverter in the factory, making installations faster and more cost-effective. The Q.ANTUM technology is based on Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology. PERC, by all means, allows for the passivation of the solar cell´s rear side, which involves installing a reflective layer, designed to capture previously unused sunlight back into the cell where it can be converted into solar electricity. The rear surfaces of Q.ANTUM solar cells are treated with a special Nano coating that functions much like a typical household mirror. Rays of sunlight that would otherwise go to waste are reflected back through the cell to generate more electricity. Laser-fired contacts complement the Nano coating to enhance the module's electrical properties, increasing its efficiency considerably.

With the largest wafers to date (161.70 mm), the Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+/AC 340 Solar Panel half-cell module delivers up to 6% more power than the G5 range. The module features six busbars and delivers exceptional performance whether it’s cloudy or sunny. This is because the upper and lower side of the module can operate independently, which reduces the impact of shading significantly. The Q.PEAK DUO BLK modules are manufactured with black backsheet and frames, giving them a striking appearance making them an excellent choice for any project.

The Enphase IQ7+™ microinverter offers a maximum power output of 295W, has an MPPT Range between 27-45V and a 97% CEC Efficiency.

Q.ANTUM Technology: Low Levelized Cost of Electricity

  • Higher yield per surface area, lower BOS costs, higher power classes, and an efficiency rate of up to 19.5 %.

Innovative All-Weather Technology

  • Optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behavior.

Enduring High Performance

  • Long-term yield security with Anti LID Technology, Anti PID Technology1, Hot-Spot Protect, Traceable Quality Tra.Q™.

Extreme Weather Rating

  • High-tech aluminum alloy frame, certified for high snow (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa).

A Reliable Investment

  • Inclusive 25-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty2.

State of the Art Module Technology

  • Q.ANTUM DUO Technology and the integrated high-powered Enphase IQ 7+ Microinverter achieving maximum system efficiency.

Reliable Energy Monitoring

  • Seamless management with the intelligent Enphase Enlighten™ monitoring system.

Rapid Shutdown Compliant

  • Built-in rapid shutdown with no additional components required.

1 APT test conditions according to IEC/TS 62804-1:2015, method B (-1500 V, 168 h)
2 See data sheet on rear for further information

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