Canadian Solar CS1K-325MS Solar Panel

Canadian Solar CS1K-325MS Solar Panel

325W, T4, 40mm Black Frame, White Backsheet, 60 Cell Mono-PERC, 20A Fuse, 1000VDC, 300.1W PTC

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Canadian Solar CS1K-325MS Solar Panel, 325W, T4, 40mm Black Frame, White Backsheet, 60 Cell Mono-PERC, 20A Fuse, 1000VDC, 300.1W PTC

Canadian Solar’s CS1K-325MS Solar Panel offers enhanced aesthetics and utilizes the innovative Mono-PERC cell technology. The CS1K Series modules offers high power between 315-330 watts. PERC stands for Passivated Emitter Rear Contact and refers to the dielectric layer on the back of a PERC solar cell helping to reflect light, that passes through the cell and then back into the cell to generate more electrons. This process is also known as backside passivation. Through maximizing the light absorption area and removing the loss of ribbon resistance, the module efficiency can reach up to 19.45%. The CS1K-325MS offers superior low irradiance performance in the morning, in the evening and on cloudy days which increases the energy output of the panel and the overall yield of the solar system. A lower temperature coefficient is also touted for the new module which improves the module's per watt actual power output, while Light Induced Degradation (LID) is reduced by over 30%, compared to standard mono solar modules.

Canadian Solar Inc. is committed to providing high quality solar products, solar system solutions and services to customers around the world. As a leading PV project developer and manufacturer of solar modules with over 15 GW deployed around the world since 2001, Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: CSIQ) is one of the most bankable solar companies worldwide.


  • Higher power class for commercial or larger residential solar systems
  • High module efficiency up to 19.45%
  • Maximizes the light absorption area
  • LOW hot spot temperature risk
  • LOW temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.37 % / °C
  • LOW NMOT (Nominal Module Operating Temperature): 42 ± 2 °C
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