Design and Quote for Grid-Tied PV System

Design and Quote for Grid-Tied PV System

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We use satellite imagery to evaluate the solar potential for your site. You will not be charged for this service if your location is not a good match for solar.

If you are a good candidate for solar, we will use the information you provide below to calculate the PV system size necessary to achieve your goals and provide an itemized cost breakdown.

System Design Steps

  • The solar resource is determined for your area. This is a measure of the sunlight intensity and available sun hours.
  • Derating factors are calculated based on the array orientation, tilt, shading and other site conditions.
  • The PV system size is calculated using this data and adjusted to meet your project goals.
  • Solar panels are selected based on site conditions, budget constraints and customer preference.
  • The wind load, snow load and seismic zone rating are determined for your area.
  • Racking is specified based on these loads, unique site requirements and customer preference.
  • Inverter(s), microinverters or power optimizers are chosen based on historical temperature extremes, site conditions, installation ease and user preference.
  • Balance of system components are itemized based on the distance from the array to the service panel and other unique installation requirements.
  • The itemized cost is generated and emailed for your review.

Please complete the form below to receive your personalized system and quote.

  • Items in bold are required and other areas are optional.
  • Your quote is based on the accuracy and detail provided below.
  • You will be notified within 1 business day if your site is not ideal for solar and you will not be charged.
  • If you are a good candidate for solar, an itemized quote will be delivered within 3 business days and your card will be charged.
  • The price for this service will be deducted from the PV system cost when purchased from RES Supply.
  • The PV system must include mounting hardware, solar panels and inverter(s) to receive the $99 credit.

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